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>Excelife wrote:
>> You are right, loss of telomeric length is not tumorigenic.  The bypassing 
>> of the senescent signal related to telomeric loss is more like a "disease"
>> process.  It is encompassed by the telomeric theory, (see III. Research
>> Findings To Date, B. Telomeres, Telomerase and Cancer), and methods to   
>> avoid the bypass of senescence are important for survival although not   
>> directly related to aging.
>Tom, I hope that this paragraph does not presage a stance whereby the
>"definition" of aging is loss of telomere length, and all other
>degradative changes which occur over time and cause most deaths are now
>"diseases". :-)

I hadn't thought about it that way but now that you bring it up.......

Disease - A condition in which bodily health is impaird. Websters 6th ed.

Nah.. this would include aging as a result of telomeric loss as well! But it 
was a good try!  Keep up the good work, I'll make a "telomerist" out of you 

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