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Very odd abstract found. Any comments?

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Thu Sep 10 16:39:32 EST 1998

On Thu, 10 Sep 1998 00:39:47 -0700, Tom Matthews <tmatth at netcom.ca>
>I thought that we had already established at some point in these threads
>that skin is generated by some kind of basil stem cells which *do*
>express telemerase. In which case, in healthy skin the *first*
>derivatives of those cells (which replicate outwards to the surface, as
>I understand it) would always have new, unshorened telomeres. Only in
>those cases where skin is diseased and too quickly needing to be
>regenerated, would the basal cells not have time to regenerate their
>telomeres before having to replicate again.

Then could it be that one of the reasons peoples skin tissues "age" is
because over the many decades of the average persons life there is
more damage to skin cells than what the basal stem cells can repair by
making new cells with long telomeres and that because of this the
non-telomerase positive skin cells have to divide to heal the damage
and end up having their telomeres shorten? 

Just trying to get all of this strait in my mind. Any other ideas
about why the skin ages?

Take care and thanks for all of your interesting and informative posts

Best Regards,

>Tom Matthews
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