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> >You would be further ahead to just drop this and discuss science with
> >people who understand what a theory is in science.  Dropping
> >from the newsgroups line might accomplish this.
> Why do you want him to drop This is a very good
> and informative news group.

William, you are too young and naive (no insult implied at all), to
understand the full implication behind what that statement. Let me
simply say that the scientific "establishment" as such, still considers
that the very *idea* of human life extension is "mischievous in the
extreme" (that's an actual quote from someone about life extension).
This is, at least partly, because there are just as many or more
scientists, even gerontologist, who are as dead against any extension of
the maximum lifespan for the human species, as those from the
non-science populations. Surely, you have seen some of the debates where
all the reasons why we should accept death and not attempt to lengthen
our lives beyond what "standard medicine" (whatever that is) can do, are
trundled out by people over and over again. Aubrey is one of very few
respected scientists who have the courage to "come out of the closet"
with their views about life extension. For that we should be (and I am)
very grateful to him.

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