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Telomeric Theory - Those Damn Mice

Tom Matthews tmatth at netcom.ca
Fri Sep 11 21:18:25 EST 1998

ufotruth at ix.netcom.com wrote:

> I hope you have not been
> offended by my post and if so then I would like to apologize before
> everyone on this newsgroup. It is just that in my opinion Tom Mahoney
> is too open minded to new data and intelligent to be classified as a
> "true believer".

No problem, William and I agree with your analysis of Tom Mahoney. I
think there are variants of "true believerism". One does not have to be
a "true believer" only on faith alone, and certainly Tom Mahoney is not
a believer in "Telomerism" on faith, as I think that I have made clear
that I agree. However, in *scientific* discourse (as opposed to
"selling" and "promotion" -- although properly also there, IMO), one
*must* try ones utmost to present both sides of the picture as
completely and fairly as possible, otherwise one actually weakens ones
position and loses credibility. In fact, the most credible exponents of
any theory are those who "lean over backwards" to present every possible
negative argument in the most damaging possible light, but still show
logically that *their* position is the most sound conclusion after all
the positives and negatives are fully weighed and considered.

Tom Matthews
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