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Telomeric Theory - Growth Factors

James james at nospam.com
Thu Sep 24 13:00:23 EST 1998

> 1) Do you think that if all the cells in an older human body were
> immortalized by the telomerase gene, and their telomeres enlongated,
> that the cells would start making "growth factors" at the level of a
> younger individual?

Very unlikely.  Even if telomeres are causal to some aspect of aging, the
endocrine system is much more complex that a single cell.  Once your
whole system gets "out of whack" (to use the scientific term) you are
goingto have to do some complicated work on the regulation to fix it.

> 2) Where in the human body are all of these growth factors produced?
> Are they produced in individual cells? (I realize this is most likely
> a dumb question because probably there are many different types of
> growth factors and they are produced in many different organs and
> tissues. So if it is a dumb question just say so and I will not be
> offended.)

No, not dumb.  The answer is there is no single answer.  It depends on
what factors you are talking about.  A lot of cells are involved.

> 3) If someone managed to immortalize every single cell of a human
> being and enlongated his or her telomeres is it possible, that if
> telomere enlongation could restore youthful levels of growth factors,
> that unwanted side effects could occur? For example. I am an 18 year
> old male. When I was 12 years old I grew 13 inches in one year. If
> when I am lets say 30 years old I have all of the cells in my body
> immortalized and their telomeres enlongated to the lengths they were
> when I was 18 years old, could that, even possibly, cause me to have
> another growth spurt which I would NOT want or need?

No.  After a certain age you cannot grow except in certain areas.  The
growth plates at the ends of your bones close, and once that's done it's

> And everyone, here is a comparison that poped into my head a while
> back that I would like to share with all of you:
> If aging was a throat infection anti-oxidants, caloric restriction,
> and beneficial nutrients would be a throat losenge. But telomeric
> therapy to elongate the telomeres would be an anti-biotic.

Uh... yeah, right.  An antibiotic that you can't deliver where it needs
to go, and that causes cancer, and that isn't effective on many of the
strains that could be causing your sore throat anyway.  Not to mention a
new problem that comes to mind, whichI am posting as a separate message.

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