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Telomeric Theory - Growth Factors

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Thu Sep 24 18:23:43 EST 1998



Thanks for all of your answers and responses to my questions. I
appreciate them very much.

>Uh... yeah, right.  An antibiotic that you can't deliver where it needs

Perhaps at this moment we cannot deliver it where it needs to go but
in the future, when more effective vectors for genes or created, we
will be able to put the telomerase gene where ever it needs to go.

>to go, and that causes cancer, and that isn't effective on many of the

We do not know that it causes cancer. GERON has done experiments in
which they immortalized a culture of cells, let them divide MANY more
times than their normal Hayflick Limit, and none of them turned

Now, telomere enlongation could possibly cause cancer in a human being
but we have no evidence that it would. At least in individual cells it
does not.

>strains that could be causing your sore throat anyway.  Not to mention a

But at least it would be effective against many of the strains unlike
the throat losenge that would not be effective against ANY and would
just be soothing symptoms.

>new problem that comes to mind, whichI am posting as a separate message.

Cool! I love more information about possible problems! 

If we are ever to create a telomere enlongation therapy we must first
go through ALL possible problems.

Take care and have a great day!

Best Regards,

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