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Telomeric Theory - Growth Factors

James james at nospam.com
Tue Sep 29 00:54:46 EST 1998

> >Andrew Mason wrote:
> >
> >> James, can you cite the research that shows that adding telomerase
> >> to normal cells makes them cancerous. My impression was that the
> >> experiments done by Geron immortalized human fibroblasts and did not
> >> turn them cancerous.

As I mentioned in a previous post, if this refers to me I do
not recall saying it...  in fact, even if it does not refer
to me I don't recall saying it :)  If I did say it I must
have been badly generalizing.

I certainly didn't say it about the Geron cells.  The Geron
cells are not cancerous.  That is the big deal about that
paper.  Never before has infinite (or greatly increased)
replicative ability been separated from a cancerous

If you believe that paper of course...  I'm still waiting on
the flood of papers detailing all the cool new experiments
that must be in the works if the Geron results are
accurate.  It's been 9 months now.  Given 3 months in press,
that means people have had 6 months to do some neat new
experiments.  Where are the papers?  I'm starting to get
(more) suspicious.

We have had an enormous amount of discussion in this group
all based on the assumption that the Geron reults are
valid.  I brought up some points that made me skeptical a
while back.  Many people seemed to think that my points were
weak.  Indeed some of them were.  They were all based on
pure speculation.  But where are the papers?  It's not like
this is old news now and no one is pursuing it.  Where are
the "susceptibility to cancerous transformation of
telomerase knock-in cells" papers?  Where is the mouse
knock-in?  Where is ANYTHING?

Any of these experiments would answer a lot of questions
that have been debated in the group.  Certainly we are not
the only ones thinking about this.

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