Fw: Anti-Aging Research, according to Tom Mahoney

Brian Rowley browley at GALAXY.UCR.EDU
Wed Sep 30 00:34:57 EST 1998

>>(For the record, I actually think it's more likely than not
>>that lowered body temperature IS actually partly responsible
>>for some of CR's benefits. But we don't know yet.)

From: Excelife <excelife at earthlink.net>

>It would appear that the reduction in temperature is a "result of the
>induction of an energy conservation mechanism during CR".  Thus body
>temperature would be a marker and a means of measuring this energy
>conservation and that this energy conservation would be a potential
cause of
>CRs benefits, at least in part:-)
>Thomas Mahoney, Pres.
>Lifeline Laboratories, Inc.

CR mice actually have greater lifetime energy expenditure than ad
lib-fed mice, so the "rate of living theory" is largely defunct.
"...at least in part" was a good hedge. Regards,

Brian Rowley

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