telomerase activity & IGF-1

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Mon Apr 26 12:14:07 EST 1999

Tom Mahoney wrote (re an abstract on IGF-1 and telomerase that I
posted in

> This confirms research being funded by Lifeline Laboratories that the 
> combination of a number of growth factors, (including IGF-1), and the
> enzyme telomerase are beneficial for the long term maintenance and
> replication of haemopoietic stem cells.
I note that your website, Tom, includes a pitch for funds from
laymen for all your "research:"

     Thomas Mahoney, Pres.
     Lifeline Laboratories, Inc.

You also include links to companies like Geron (out here in the
Bay Area) doing legitimate work in this field. Before we all whip
out our checkbooks and send tons of money, Tom, could you please
include (1) a list of researchers at Lifeline Laboratories, Inc.
and (2) a list of their most recent publications? Funny, but I
didn't find anything like that at your website (either you don't
have any researchers or publications, or you should hire a new Webmaster).

And say, where are your corporate offices and laboratories?
Funny, but you don't include an address! (Must be that
inexperienced Webmaster again.) 

Cheerfully yours,
Steve Farmer

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