pCMBS and mitochondria

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Tue Feb 16 15:36:13 EST 1999

On 16 Feb 1999 04:21:13 -0800, roberth at IINET.NET.AU (Robert Horley)

>I've been prompted to ask about this after seeing an article on parrots,
>which seemed to show that their extremely long lifespan (90 years +) seemed
>to be due to the far smaller leakage of free radicals from their
>mitochondria.  Whereas bats which lead a similar lifestyle but have our
>kind of mitochondria only seem to live about 20 years.  (It seems if we
>make a very simplistic extrapolation from parrots to humans, and assuming
>life span increases as body mass increases, then if we had mitochondria
>similar to parrots our lifespan would be measured in hundreds of years.)
>Robert Horley

But would we all want crackers?

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