Are AGEs and Lipofuscin related? Could ALT-711 eliminate lipofuscin?

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  This post contains information on chemicals I have never heard of and I
like that.  It also has an obvious omission dimeythalaminoethynol d.m.a.e the
substance cited most often in popular smart drug culture as removing age
pigment, if taken continously for A FEW YEARS.	Lucidril is
dimeythalaminoethynol and chlorphenoxyacetcacid.  This second compound being
a plant nerve growth hormone.  What has phenteramine got to do with LUCIDRIL
does chlorphenoxyaceticacid metabolise into phenteramine?  If it does I would
sure like to know, I'm onto my twentieth continual month of Lucidril.  How
can you take a few lucidril jump on an exercise bike and say it "doesn't
work", when it needs to be taken for a few years?  I have seen many anecdotes
from people who having done this have watched their age spots fade and
vanish.  I have seen more citations than nadys about the benifits of Lucidril
and more even on d.m.a.e. which is ment to work better when taken as
lucidril.  Josh.

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> > I just wanted to let all of you know that I emailed Alteon and asked

> > them about ALT-711's effects on lipofuscin. They told me that they

> > have done no research into any effects of ALT-711 on lipofuscin.

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> More on spin traps, lipofuscin and age breakers....


> PBN (phenyl butyl nitrone) was reported in the	early 90's to remove

> lipofuscin deposits from the cells of aged mice, and was theorized to thereby

> improve mitochondrial efficiency, as evinced in the performance of aged rats

> in swim-to- exhaustion tests.  Trials in humans were apparently

> disappointing, though. (Can anyone amplify on this?  I know the NIH was

> conducting human trials, but know nothing of the outcome.)


> Centrophenoxine (Lucidril) has been reported by Nandy to remove lipofuscin

> deposits from cells, but I do not believe his work has been confirmed

> elsewhere.  I obtained some in Spain.  It did not have any noticeable effects

> on my endurance.  (I used a bicycle ergonometer, lab-accurate wattage

> measurements.) I found (from the package insert) that one of

> Centrophenoxine's breakdown products is an amphetamine-like  compound,

> (phenteramine? if I recall, which is itself a stimulant),  that can cause

> athletes to test positive for amphetamines.  I suspect this is also

> responsible for most of the reported effects of this substance.  I don't

> think one would want to take something chronically that produces amphetamine

> alalogues in the body;	I expect it would destroy neurons in the hipocampus.


> Angelo Schoeten (a chemist who used to hang out in this group) hypothesized

> that ethoxyquin, a synthetic anti-oxidant used in chicken feed and dog food,

> might produce spin trapping products in the body with an effect similar to

> PBN.  I have no wish to try it, for I am not certain it would be without

> undesired side effects on the liver.  Some of those who frequent these pages

> have tried ethoxyquin and might care to comment on its effects.


> Sage, and to a lesser extent thyme, have been reported to at least inhibit

> lipofuscin formation, if not prevent it.  Sage tea, anyone?


> Vitamin B1 (thiamine) helps to prevent AGE formation.  Perhaps in large doses,

> or in certain forms, it can act as an AGE breaker.  A solution of thiaminn,

> applied to  the skin, seems to reverse some of the effects of aging, at least

> in my experience: exfoliation, reduced wrinkles, smoother, thicker skin.


> The Alteon patent mentions several other compounds that have significant AGE-

> breaking qualities, though not as marked as ALT-711.  Several are available in

> chemical supply catalogs.  The only toxicity data I found was "may cause skin

> irritation."   Good enough to try on mice or fruit flies.


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