Are AGEs and Lipofuscin related? Could ALT-711 eliminate lipofuscin?

Alf Christophersen alf.christophersen at
Tue Jan 26 20:34:10 EST 1999

rjk3 at wrote:

>Angelo Schoeten (a chemist who used to hang out in this group) hypothesized
>that ethoxyquin, a synthetic anti-oxidant used in chicken feed and dog food,
>might produce spin trapping products in the body with an effect similar to
>PBN.  I have no wish to try it, for I am not certain it would be without
>undesired side effects on the liver.  Some of those who frequent these pages
>have tried ethoxyquin and might care to comment on its effects.

Please, don't ever try ethoxyquine. It ahs been used as a fungicide in
fish meal used for fish production (trout and salmon). My brother didn't
know that the capelin fish powder was treated with that nasty stuff and
became seriously ill.

It enter mitochondria and possibly uncouples the electron transport,
making extremely painful cramps in muscles and also reduce heart volume
output. It leaves the mitochondria extremely slowly. It opposits the
effects of ubiquinone, it seems like by trapping the electrons. After 6
year, he and his wife still has problems with muscle pain and other
nasty effects.

Please, don't try it.

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