Are AGEs and Lipofuscin related? Could ALT-711 eliminate lipofuscin?

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Wed Jan 27 07:29:35 EST 1999

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  alf.christophersen at (Alf Christophersen) wrote:
> Please, don't ever try ethoxyquine. It ahs been used as a fungicide in
> fish meal used for fish production (trout and salmon). My brother didn't
> know that the capelin fish powder was treated with that nasty stuff and
> became seriously ill.
> Please, don't try it.

Wasn't meaning to encourage anyone to try it, and I did warn of problems, but
these are far worse than I expected to hear of.  None-the-less, I know some
here HAVE tried ethoxyquin in the past.  And no longer take it.  What were
the effects you saw?  I also posted that Centrophenoxine seems useless. 
Anyone else have anything to share?

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