lipid peroxidation

Aubrey de Grey ag24 at
Fri Jun 11 06:22:08 EST 1999

Bob wrote:

> What is the difference between oxidizing a lipid and peroxidizing it?

Roughly, peroxidation of a molecule is the incorporation of oxygen into
it whereas oxidation of a molecule is the removal of electrons from it.

If you want to understand this field properly then I recommend the
excellent text "Free Radicals in Biology and Medicine" by Halliwell and
Gutteridge, which has very recently come out in a new (third) edition.
It's written so as to assume virtually no chemistry and not much biology,
yet it is incomparably encyclopaedic; the paperback version is only 35
pounds sterling.  Published by Oxford University Press, ISBN 0198500440.

Aubrey de Grey

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