Minimizing Cell Proliferation [was Re: Cells and Aging]

Tom Matthews tmatth at
Sun Mar 7 22:31:54 EST 1999

Thomas Mahoney wrote:

> But, for the most part, most cells do not reach the point of critically
> shortened telomeres.

One thing that all this telomere studying is starting to convince me
about, however, is that one should take all possible measures for one's
entire lifetime, to avoid cell proliferation in all ones tissues.

In this vein, I would like to begin some discusion about whether all of
the following may be potentially life shortening:

All viral or bacterial infections of any kind.
Any kind of inflammatory processes, fever, etc.
Any cuts, bruises, broken bones, abrasion of skin, damage to nails, etc.
Donating blood.

I invite comments and thoughts.

Tom Matthews
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