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Dr. Philippe Silar silar at
Thu Mar 25 09:48:13 EST 1999

In the Fifth "PCRDT" from the EU, there is a key action devoted to
ageing. In the purpose to apply for a grant, I am attempting to create a
network of EU labs working on aging in lower eukaryotes. My lab is
studying for several years now, aging in a filamentous fungus,
especially the role of the translation machinery in cellular
degenerative processes (see Silar et al., Genetics, 1999 151:87-95 for
example). We are now four labs willing to participate. We miss two other
labs. If you are interested in joining the network because you are
either working on aging in model organisms or study translation with
respect to aging, feel free to contact me.
Dr. P. Silar
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