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Kluwer Academic Publishers is pleased to announce the launch of the
quarterly journal "Biogerontology" for the year 2000.

Please send your papers to Dr Suresh Rattan. Instructions for Authors
and further information about "Biogerontology" can be found at:


Suresh I.S. Rattan, PhD, DSc
Danish Centre for Molecular Gerontology
University of Åarhus, Denmark

Aims & Scope
Biogerontology has now developed a solid scientific base with respect to
the understanding of the phenomenon of aging. A spectrum of new
and innovative strategies and approaches are being increasingly applied
to modulate the process of aging at the level of cells, tissues, organs
and organisms. Biogerontology represents this step in research which
aims primarily at achieving healthy old age accompanied by improved
longevity. The focus is on attempts to understand, prevent, cure or
minimize age-related impairments.

The science of healthy old age requires its own platform to bring
forward new ideas, and to encourage the scientific publication of
innovative and bold experimental manipulations in this regard.

Biogerontology therefore provides a peer-reviewed forum for publishing
original research data, new ideas and discussions about:

Modulating the aging process by physical, chemical and biological means,
including transgenic and knockout organisms;

Cell culture systems to develop new approaches and health care products
for maintaining and/or recovering the lost biochemical functions;

Immunology, autoimmunity and infection in aging;

Vertebrates, invertebrates, micro-organisms and plants for experimental
studies on genetic determinants of aging and longevity;

Biodemography and theoretical models linking aging and survival

Biogerontology will publish:
1. original research reports;
2. reviews, hypotheses, new methods and interviews;
3. special issues on specific topics relating to aging, health and

Please fell free to contact me with any queries.

Peter Butler
Publishing Editor
Kluwer Academic Publishers

e-mail: peter.butler at wkap.nl

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