The Mitochondrial Free Radical Theory of Aging

Aubrey de Grey ag24 at
Wed Nov 3 17:51:59 EST 1999

rjk3 wrote:

> If it's not too cheesey, and you have a web site, you can put a direct
> link to your book at;  every book they sell from people who
> come in thru your site, you get 10%.  Amazon has a "partner" program,
> and you can download all needed material.
> Should I wait until you have it set up or should I order at Amazon now?

I don't have a web site, nor the time to do all this, enticing though it
sounds.  However, I suggest avoiding Amazon (or Borders or B&N) for the
moment, since they all currently claim my book is either out of print or
non-existent.  For efficiency I would go direct to the publisher.  Their
web site ( is undergoing reconstruction
right now and my book (along with others in its series) is not evident,
but I am assured that an email to sjohnson at will be
effective.  Alternatively their phone number is +1 512 863 7762.

Aubrey de Grey

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