The Mitochondrial Free Radical Theory of Aging

Aubrey de Grey ag24 at
Sat Nov 6 09:58:57 EST 1999

Martin Lewitt wrote:

> What is the source of oxidative stress in anerobic metabolism?  Do I
> just need to look up glycolysis or is it a subsequent consequence?

The latter - there is no evidence that anaerobic glycolysis makes free
radicals.  My "reductive hotspot" model is based on the biochemical
acrobatics that a human cell is required to perform in order to survive
indefinitely without aerobic respiration.  This is proposed to generate
oxidative stress on the OUTSIDE of the anaerobic cell; that cell itself
is proposed to have rather low internal oxidative stress.

> >10.1. Why is Carl Lewis still alive?
> Not knowing the answer may be killing me!

Basically, my answer is simply that training increases mitochondrial
density, so that there is no great difference between athletes and
non-athletes in the rate of respiration per unit surface area of the
inner mitochondrial membrane.

> Which site can deliver the book quickest?

I recommend cutting out at least one middle-man and contacting the
publisher direct: sjohnson at or +1 512 863 7762.

Aubrey de Grey

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