The Mitochondrial Free Radical Theory of Aging

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Sun Nov 7 21:16:05 EST 1999


congratulations on your book,I look forward to reading  it. You have
brought a great deal of knowledge and scientific rigour to the
discussions on this board and I always enjoy reading your posts.

One thing I have wondered is how mitochondria in the ova are protected
from damage. How is it that 40 year old women can exhibit significant
signs of aging, yet still produce a perfect baby. Or is the reduced
fertility and increased incidence of birth defects in older mothers is
related to higher levels of mitochondrial damage in the ova.

One of the attractions of the telomere theory of aging is that it
provides a mechanism for the aging of the individual as well as a
mechanism for the avoidance of age related damage in any offspring. How
does the mitochondrial theory of aging get around this problem?


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