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Thu Nov 18 12:57:52 EST 1999

Hi, I just have some simple questions on this.  I am not an expert but
I am really interested in the field and plan on reading the article.
However, there are some question I need answer so that I can
understand it.

what does the p stand for in p66shc?  does it mean protein?

> We show that: (1) p66shc is serine phosphorylated upon treatment with 
>hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) or irradiation with ultraviolet light;

does that mean the serine phosphorylase is promoting or blocking
p66shc?  is this good or bad for extending life span?

>(2) ablation of p66shc enhances cellular resistance to apoptosis induced
>by H2O2 or ultraviolet light; 

I thought apotosis was good for getting rid of damaged cells? How
would resisting apotosis extend life span?

>(3) a serine-phosphorylation defective mutant of p66shc cannot restore 
>the normal stress response in p66shc-/- cells; 

Is the normal stress response good or bad for extending life span?

>(4) the p53 and p21 stress response is impaired in p66shc-/- cells; 

I thought these mice had improved stress response?

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