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Aubrey de Grey ag24 at
Wed Nov 24 18:11:55 EST 1999

I wrote, re Nature 402:309-313:

> The timing of publication is convenient, since the annual meeting
> of the Gerontological Society of America starts tomorrow.  I expect
> to be able to report a good deal more on this topic on my return
> (Wednesday).

There was indeed much discussion of this work.  One upshot is a small
wager between myself and George Martin regarding whether it will prove
reproducible in other mouse strains.  In brief, the major reservation
(expressed by several present) is that the mouse strain used is rather
short-lived in the first place, thereby perhaps making life-extension
by single-gene mutations more feasible.  The major basis for optimism
is from the marked resistance to oxidative stress, which is a feature
of just about every life-extending mutant in flies and nematodes.  No
author was present -- they probably have quite enough people queueing
up for their mice already...

Aubrey de Grey

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