about the Nature article

robert charles walsh walshb at chicoma.la.unm.edu
Thu Nov 25 11:15:43 EST 1999

Finishing college is not enough.  With my BS in physics and MS in
math, I had the same reactions that you did.  Now, after several
years of graduate school in biology, I am finallly getting the hang
of it.  Generally the English is very good except for the absence of
appropriate hyphens.  There is a tendency to coin new words too easily,
but often unfamiliar words are actually in the unabridged dictionary.

Bob Walsh

private (private at private.com) wrote:
: I was just wondering how long it took people here to finish the Nature
: article.  I am still in junior college, so I'm not an expert, just
: like to read this type of stuff.  I'm wondering how much easier it
: gets for someone who has finished college.  The type of sentence
: structured used in all of these biology articles almost seems designed
: to confuse me.  Some of the concepts are like seven words right next
: to each other that should all be joined together by hyphens into one
: super word 
: (I mean like:
: xyz-induced-controlling-coadaptor-repressor-gene-modulating-protein)
: That's just a joke, but you get my drift?

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