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Fri Apr 28 10:06:36 EST 2000

Dear Colleague,

I am writing to ask whether you would consider joining the British Society
for Research on Ageing.
Formed in 1943, the BSRA is the world's oldest gerontological society. It
has an international membership base and welcomes members from throughout
the world.  Membership costs 20 pounds sterling (membership alone) or 50
pounds (new membership plus Mech.  Ageing Dev. for the remainder of 2000).
As a Member you would get the following package of benefits:
A one day meeting that this year will be held on 14th July 2000 at St.
Thomas's Hospital in London.
Sessions include:
"Ageing: Cradle to Grave" (Haynes UK, Merry UK, Wolfe USA)
"Reproduction, Stress and Survival" (te Velde, Utrecht plus
oral communications)
"Stem cells, Ageing and Senescence" (Svenson UK, Potten UK,
Rufer Geneva).
As a BSRA member you will receive:
1.	Reduced ASM registration fee (30 pounds for Members)
2.	Prizes. Because we believe in helping younger scientists the ASM contains
sessions for them to present their work either orally or as posters, with
prizes in both categories for the best work from a BSRA member.
3.	Bursaries to enable some students who are BSRA members to attend the ASM.
4.	Published abstracts.  Abstracts from all work presented at this year's
ASM will be published in Mech. Ageing Dev..

The Society welcomes international Members and strives to make the ASM as
easy as possible to attend, with simple travel connections to London
Heathrow airport and assistance with local accommodation if necessary.
Further details and a registration form can be found at:
If you experience any problems downloading the PDF file feel free to email
us (secretary at and we will put a hard copy in the post to you.
*** JOURNALS ***
For the coming year, new BSRA members can subscribe to Mechanisms of Ageing
and Development and receive two hard copies of the journal per month until
31/12/00 for the additional sum of 30 pounds sterling.
*** "LIFESPAN" ***
As a Member you will receive two hard-copy issues per annum of our in-house
journal, Lifespan.
We run an electronic newsletter to provide information of future UK and
international meetings, funding opportunities, and any initiatives in our
research field. Membership means that you will receive this newsletter every
Our new website ( contains a wealth of information.
There is a special "Members Only" section which holds back-issues of the
*** WHAT NOW? ***
To become a Member simply download the application form (as a PDF file) from
our website at:
Alternatively, email us (secretary at and we will send a hard copy
to you.  Then fill it out and send it back to the BSRA Secretary.
We look forward to hearing from you.
David Kipling
Secretary, British Society for Research on Ageing
PO Box 2316, Cardiff, CF23 5YY, UK
Tel: +44 (29) 2074 4847  Fax: +44 (29) 2074 4276

Richard Aspinall
Chairman, British Society for Research on Ageing
PO Box 2316, Cardiff, CF23 5YY, UK
Tel & Voice mail (0) 20 87 46 59 93
Fax (0) 20 87 46 59 97


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