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Aubrey de Grey ag24 at
Thu Aug 31 08:43:10 EST 2000

Iuval Clejan wrote:

> Aubrey wrote:
> >Just search
> > Medline for something general like "oogenesis" and then hit the "Books"
> > link, and the abstract reappears with various terms hyperlinked to the
> > corresponding section[s] of Alberts.
> I could not find a "books" link. I think it does not work, although I
> saw the page about how it's supposed to work. Let me know if it works
> for you.

Yes, it works, but someone else also wrote to say they couldn't find it
so I think my description may have been too abbreviated.  Here is what
to do:

1. Do a search, getting a list of hits.

2. Go to one of the hits, getting its full entry (including abstract).

3. At top right, there is a "Books" link (after "Related Articles".
   Click that.  You should get a page that looks almost the same as the
   previous one, but it doesn't have the Books link any more; instead
   it has hyperlinks all over the abstract and (sometimes) title.

4. Click on one of those links in the abstract text.  You'll get a list
   of sections of Alberts which discuss the term you clicked on.  (Often
   just one section.)

5. Click on that link and you get the text of the section, complete with
   the diagrams.

Aubrey de Grey

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