Response to Hayflick

Aubrey de Grey ag24 at
Fri Dec 15 07:58:07 EST 2000

Julian Assange wrote:

> The non-sequitur about travel time between New York
> and London is unforgivable.

I'm surprised at your view: others have found the analogy quite apposite.
Could you please elaborate?

> Tactically it's the wrong move.  The more attention directed to the
> social effects of increasing life-span, the less money will be spent on
> aging research.

I don't agree.  The more attention is directed to the social effects,
the more people will conclude that there WILL be ways for society to cope
when it happens, and the less cogency will be seen in arguments such as
Hayflick's that very substantial postponement of aging is to be avoided.
Those arguments weigh heavily with policy-makers at present, coming as
they do mainly from very senior and prominent members of the field.

> The debate needs to be argued in terms of keeping people young and
> productive


Aubrey de Grey

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