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Jeff Holmes habman106 at
Mon Jul 3 15:14:30 EST 2000

We are looking for people who may be able to help out with our sales and web
site in exchange for free books.  Before you read on, I encourage you to
visit and decide if you like our
selection of Ageing books (please note that our selection does not include
new works but focuses on historical aspects as they are mainly reprints of
books that are worthy of staying in print forever).

If you are very interested in Ageing topics and know of people who may be
interested in ordering from our Ageing books selection or internet sites
that we could trade links with, then YOU could get FREE books!  If you are
interested in this offer, please contact me BY EMAIL ONLY and note that you
are responding to the offer at bionet.molbio.ageing, and at that time we can
go over what would be expected in detail.

Contact us NOW so that we can get started!

Jeff Holmes
Ayer Company Publishers
ayerpub at

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