personal fears and career

Michael Sherman sherm at
Mon Jul 3 22:05:49 EST 2000

private <private at> wrote:
> This is a non technical question.  I am guessing most of us here are
> interested in extending our own personal lifespans.  I still have a
> nagging doubt about going into this field for my own personal reasons.
> I still don't know how to answer the criticisms such as why do you
> want to live forever, you don't really want to live forever, etc.  Is
> my fear of death a justifiable reason to choose this field as my
> career?

I think so.  Wouldn't fear of polio have been a sufficient reason
to become a researcher into the cure, before the vaccines?  If you
view aging as simply another as-yet-uncured fatal disease, I think
not wanting to "catch" it is a great motivation for research!

> What do I say to people who suggest that I need to get over
> my fear of death instead?

Tell them you'll write nice speeches to deliver at their funerals.
"Although Joe Schmoe is no longer with us, I would like to
say how impressed I was at how he faced death with no fear ..."
Then after a suitable mourning period you can ask his daughter


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