personal fears and career

Mike Reilly m-reilly-without-the-spam at
Wed Jul 5 20:35:31 EST 2000

Why would you want to live a long time (forever might be stretching it a
bit - you never know when you will get hit by a stray piece of sattelite
debris or whatever..)?
1.  The world is a great big place and there are billions of interesting
people to talk to.
2.  There are many thousands of excellent books to read, and more being
produced all the time.
3.  If you live (healthy) long enough, you might get a chance at space
4.  Sex never gets boring (at least as far as I've heard from those who have
been around longer than myself).
5.  Dying is something you can only do once.  Might as well make sure you do
it at the right time.
6.  For the Christians out there, it gives you more time to do 'good works',
and to give God more time to help you with your imperfections.
7.  Since it's not healthy to eat too many fattening (but perfectly
delicious) foods at once, you have to live a long time in order to eat just
a little at a time.
8.  Gives you time to get PhD's in many different subjects.

OTOH, anyone who really WANTS to die can pretty much go out and do so any
time they want...

private wrote in message <39600492.26629329 at>...
>This is a non technical question.  I am guessing most of us here are
>interested in extending our own personal lifespans.  I still have a
>nagging doubt about going into this field for my own personal reasons.
>I still don't know how to answer the criticisms such as why do you
>want to live forever, you don't really want to live forever, etc.  Is
>my fear of death a justifiable reason to choose this field as my
>career?  What do I say to people who suggest that I need to get over
>my fear of death instead?

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