Caloric restriction slows brain aging

Steven B. Harris sbharris at
Thu Jul 6 04:59:56 EST 2000

In <MPG.13cd7bf0e6077ebc989815 at> Randall Parker
<rgparker at> writes: 
>Has anyone done "de-feeding" where they took aged animals on a normal 
>diet and switched them to CR to see what changed?

  No, since this tends to kill them.  You can do it VERY, VERY gently,
but not much as been done to see biochemically what happens.  Weindruch
is the guy who's done most of those studies.  He was most successful
starting with animals at only about half MLS-- say 40 or 45 for humans
(figuring that our MSL in cages with no medical care and in small
groups would be 80 or 90).

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