Situation of Physical Activity and Sport for the Elderly (50+)

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Prof. Dr. Heinz Mechling
							July 2000

Inquiry: Situation of Physical Activity and Sport for the Elderly (50+)

Dear Madam, dear Sir,
dear colleagues,

This is just another questionnaire - you might think when receiving this
one. But there is a universal issue which unites us all - Aging. This
inquiry refers to aging and to one of the most urgent questions in the
aging populations we live in - how to stay competent until the old ages.

There is sufficient research evidence for the potential of appropriate
physical activities on positive health effects and on reversing
age-related changes. Despite of international programs as the Year of
the Elderly, national programs for the elderly, regional, local and even
personal initiatives, the number of people who get and stay regularly
physically active does not raise significantly.

The aim of this inquiry therefore is to arrive at an internationally
based survey on physical activity and sport of middle aged up to elderly
people in selected industrialised countries. The results shall help to
point out new ways in promoting physical activity and sport for the
elderly, to put new arguments to the political debate in this field and
to open new questions from the scientific point of view.

This inquiry addresses those people who have responsibility for senior
citizens either from a political, social, health, sports or science
related background. Please find the questionnaire form on our university
web server at

In your answers please give your personal opinion and direct them to the
situation in your country. The results of this inquiry like the
questionnaire will be put into the Internet and available for your
purposes, too. In order to arrive at results as soon as possible, it
would be necessary to have your personal answer until 05. August 2000.

Thank you very much for your support and for expressing your personal

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Heinz Mechling

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