extrachromosomal DNA circles

Iuval clejan clejan at mindspring.com
Mon Apr 9 22:03:30 EST 2001

I found a reference from 1984 (S. Goldsteinn and RJS Reis, in molecular
basis of aging, A.K Roy and B Chatterjee eds, p1) about EDCs in human
fibroblasts. I did a citation search and found several later refereces
and more work on this which I haven't read yet (except for the Guarente
et al work on ERCs, which I have read, but had thought was only
applicable to yeast). Does anyone seriously think that this form of junk
might be causative in aging? There was one article whose abstract said
that these circles come from tellomeres. Maybe short (hence more likely
to be uncapped) telomeres are more likely to give rise to these circles.


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