How to Be Spirited and Sharp for 100 years!

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Mood and Memory Wellness: How to Be Spirited and Sharp for 100 years!
(Part I) -by Dr. John Maher , ABAAHP

Mood and Memory Wellness: How to be Spirited and Sharp for 100 Years!

Oliver Wendell Holmes, the American writer and physician, wrote to a
colleague poet on her seventieth birthday:

'To be seventy years young is sometimes far more cheerful and hopeful than
to be forty years old.'

'Few people know how to be old', wrote La Rochefoucauld in his Maximes.
Successful aging becomes increasingly an important issue, as in our 'grey
world' the segment of the elderly population is on the rise. In Germany, the
number of centenarians was over 4000 in 1993 and is estimated to reach up to
23,000 this year (2000). In the US, the over 85 group is the fastest growing
segment of the population. Mental activity is of paramount importance for
maintaining the ability to cope adequately with stress, with health
problems, limitations and handicaps, and particularly for the persisting
capability to enjoy life.

It is becoming more and more clear that aging is not necessarily equivalent
with decay and decrepitude. Factors such as diet, nutrition, physical and
mental exercise have been underestimated or ignored as potential moderators
of the aging process. There are risk factors that are known to increase
morbidity in the elderly and which can be prevented. They include cigarette
smoking, heavy alcohol consumption and inadequate water, mineral and B
vitamin intake. There are studies indicating that much of the cognitive loss
in late middle life that has been considered to be intrinsic to aging, is
caused in part by extrinsic factors and may therefore be preventable or

Practical Hints to Keep Your Brain Healthy

Maintaining the health of your brain and body is not only important for you
but also for your family and friends. Although the brain ages in parallel
with other organs of our body, an increasing number of productive and
creative elderly persons bear testimony to the brain's remarkable capacity
to function at an exceptional level even at an advanced age. Are there ways
to keep the brain functional? Absolutely!

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