Metal Oxide Varistor

Lin Cang kestar at
Tue Apr 17 13:13:51 EST 2001

Dear Sir / Madam,
         It is a great honour  to have the chance to introduce our company(Guangdong 
Kestar Electronic Co.Ltd.) and  our main products.
     Guangdong Kestar Electronic Co.Ltd. is located in Guangdong province mainland 
China.It is a professional manufcturer on  Varistors ,equipped with a complete 
set of advanced machinery,possessed high abilities of development & exploitation.We 
have 10 years experience in managing large size production.
     Our main seven series varistors are WYG current varistor, MYL lihtningproof 
varistor,MYE high load varistor,MYA minitype  varistor,MYP squareness varistor,MYR 
highly reliable&varistor,low-pressure power supply lightning arrester..  The 
Varistors conform to ISO9002  .The products have passed  several international 
      if you are interested in our products, please contact us without hesitate.

yours truely  Lin Cang.

Guangdong Kestar Electronic Co.Ltd

Tel: £º86-757-2271139 2718755
Fax:    86-757-2261563
E-mail:kestar at

Contact person: Mr Lin


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