Aubrey's "survival of the slowest" hypothesis

Iuval clejan clejan at
Thu Apr 19 15:48:38 EST 2001

OK thanks, give me a week to read those references.  In the meantime,
what do you think of Wallace's PNAS 98 (Feb 2001) paper about the Sod2
(+/-) mice? I have only had time to read the abstract and conclusions,
but it looks like he makes a case for even 1 mito having sufficiently
defective membrane as likely to cause apoptosis before being
phagocytized by a lysosome. Seems like an inefficient strategy. Perhaps
it depends on the type of cell: if in a proliferating cell then maybe
apoptosis is more efficient, while if in a non proliferating cell
lysosomal ingestion is more efficient.

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