higher ploidy and mitochondrial maintenance hypothesis

Iuval clejan clejan at mindspring.com
Tue Aug 14 14:26:37 EST 2001

I made an error on #1, misreading something. Going back to the original
reference, this is what Dr Loud reported:

The % cytoplasmic volume of mitochondria in the peripheral/periportal
cells is about 20%, whereas in the central/perivenular is about 13%. The
volume of the average mito in the peripheral region(cubic microns)  is
0.95 and in the cental about 0.41. The average number per nucleus is
1060 in the peripheral region and 1600 in the central region. And the
average number per 100 cubic microns is about 21 in peripheral region
and 31 in central region. So mitos are smaller and denser in the central

I don't think (but will check) that the rats used (5 months old) were
old enough to have significant higher ploidy in the central region.

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