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Iuval clejan clejan at
Thu Feb 22 19:22:54 EST 2001

Julian Assange wrote:

> The body contains more information which may be corrupted than just
> that represented in mtDNA and nucDNA! RNA, proteins and their
> positioning in space are different to somatic DNA only in the degree
> of influence they have on future structure. While it's clear that some
> somatic DNA changes have the potential for dramatic cascading effects
> (e.g TP53), so do prions (e.g CJD). These are both extremes. Normal
> aging can be considered a more prosaic cascade of ever failing
> inter-dependent information structures, including the structures designed
> to repair them.

Damage to proteins or RNA is irrelevant , because they are just degraded and
replaced. Their lifetime is pretty short compared to the lifetime of an organism.
DNA lasts as long as the organism.


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