question about Physiological Reviews journal quality

jubjub jubjub at
Mon Jan 22 00:19:55 EST 2001

I am planning on doing a paper on the mitochondrial damage theory of
aging.  I am reading an article from the journal Physiological Reviews
entitled "Genetic and Functional Changes in Mitochondria Associated
With Aging" by Takayuki Ozawa.  Vol. 77, No. 2, April 1997.  I was
wondering if someone could give me some help with this journal.  It
seems this article has some obvious sentence errors that I think are
due to the author's lack of knowledge of English.  I am wondering if
Physiological Reviews is a quality journa?.  I assume it's
peer-reviewed?  I don't know much about scientific journals, this is
kind of my first time doing this.  I was just worried that the
spelling errors were signs that the journal is not good quality.
thanks for any help

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