ICOM late registration waived

Edward J. Clark eclark at uic.edu
Mon Oct 1 11:02:46 EST 2001

Dear Colleague,

               In order to encourage as many people as possible to attend 
our exciting
               International Conference on Objective Measurement (ICOM) 
conference, we
               are waiving the late registration fee.  That is, 
registration will stay at $200 and
               not go up to $250 after October 1, as originally planned.

               If you are presenting, the ICOM program, directions, etc. 
should be coming to
               you soon via regular mail.  The ICOM program is up on the 
website at
               www.rasch.org/icom_2001 .  You will find registration 
materials there as

               You can view the four conference tracks, for example:

                   "Brief introduction to Rasch measurement."
                   Richard Gershon

                   Chair: Benjamin Wright
                   William Fisher. "Quantifying human capital: A rationale 
and plan for a
                   new metrology."
                   Carl Granger. "Federal decisions regarding heathcare 
                   Fred Wolfe. "Rasch and medicine: The bridge and the gap."
                   Discussant: George Lundberg

                   Chair: Gary Albrecht
                   John Michael Linacre. "Rating scales: Averages and 
                   Joseph Martineau, Edward Wolfe. "The effects of 
instrument formatting
                   on rating scale category utility."
                   Surintorn Suanthong, Mary Lunz. "Factors that effect 
test equating in
                   performance examinations."
                   Jack Stenner. "Linking scales and equating tests: Hope 
or despair?"

                   Chair: Mary Lunz
                   Eric Wong, Chetwyn Chan, Leonard Li, Bobby Ni. "Motor 
                   for stroke patients in Hong Kong: Rasch analysis on 
                   Independence Measure and Barthel Index."
                   Rense Lange, Larry Hughes. "Rasch scaling in the UPSIT: 
Using smell
                   recognition to identify Alzheimer's disease."
                   Chih-Hung Chang, Linda Emanuel, Joe Feinglass, David Cella.
                   "Psychometric evaluation of the Needs Assessment at the 
                   Screening Tool (NEST)."
                   Theresa Pape, Allen Heinemann. "Constructing a 
                   measure of cerebral functioning in unconscious persons."

               The speaker list is there now too.  You will see presenters 
from many

               Have you checked out the pre and post workshops?

               We are looking forward to seeing you on October 19 and 20 at 
the UIC
               Chicago Circle Center, 750 So. Halsted St.,  Chicago, IL.

               Ken Conrad and Everett Smith
               Conference Coordinators
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