New Article with Broad Overview of Aging Problem

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Sun Dec 22 08:24:07 EST 2002


This is just a short note to alert you about new article with broad 
overview of aging problem written for wide audience and forthcoming in 
scientific journal.

This is also to alert some science correspondents who may visit this 
Discussion Group and who may be interested in the coverage of the 
aging/anti-aging topic.

The article is named "Pieces of the Puzzle", and it discusses the following 
scientific problems:

(1) What is aging, how does it occur, and how does it express itself in 
human clinical disease?

(2) How has the scientific community's view of aging in general evolved in 
recent years?
Is there a consensus on what aging is and how it occurs?
What are the most important controversies in the field at present?

(3) Can aging be altered, and if so, how might we intervene?

(4) What is the current state of aging research?
How could we improve on ongoing research efforts to understand and 
intervene in human aging?

(5) What are the most promising avenues of research and why?

(6) What are the most significant obstacles to anti-aging medicine?
How can they best be overcome?

(7) What advice would you give those starting their careers in this field?

This paper will be published very soon (proofs are already made and 
approved) by the scientific, peer-reviewed Journal of Anti-Aging Medicine:

Reference to forthcoming publication:

"PIECES OF THE PUZZLE. An Interview with Leonid A. Gavrilov, Ph.D."
Journal of Anti-Aging Medicine, 2002, 5(3): 255-263.

Best wishes,

Leonid Gavrilov

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