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Tue Dec 31 18:09:01 EST 2002

Once upon a time, our fellow Leonid Gavrilov
   rambled on about "Re: books."
Our champion De-Medicalizing in retorts, thusly ...

>> Can anyone here suggest any good books on slowing down the aging process?

> If you are looking for a book with sound practical recommendations
>based on strong scientific evidence, then there is no such book yet,
>to my knowledge.

My web site addresses that issue, and it is 100% FREE.

The final determination of what is best for the patient is both the
right and responsibility of the individual patient.
John Gohde,
     Patient Empowerment Advocate
     Email: Ngs at - Pioneering De-Medicalization by
handing back the power to the people, encouraging self care and
autonomy, and resisting the categorization of life's problems as

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