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  I have another questions. 

  1) What is the pH activity this is an excerpt from the article I am
"The pH 7.5/9.5 activity ratios of mutant enzymes idicated the absence
of proteolyzedd ezyme"


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> Proteolysis is the type of protein destruction for examle in proteosomes by
> action of enzymes proteases (trypsin, chymotrypsin, pepsin, peptidases), the
> type of action of this enzymes is the destruction of peptide bond between
> the specific amino acids. Ka is the constant of dissotiation between the
> enzyme an substrate, if your substrate is full of Mg2+ its Ka will be higher
> and towards. It depends upon the ionic power of your buffer
> "Azutrum" <mmuurrttuuzzaa at> ???????/???????? ? ????????
> ?????????: news:503e76d7.0201291910.6726940e at
> > Hi,
> >
> >   I am a student and reading a very difficult article, so it seems to
> > me. Please explain what proteolysis is, I understand it is the
> > hydrolysis of proteins to break them but not denature them. Is this
> > correct or not please explain?
> >
> >   Also what is Ka-Mg2+ ?  I know that Ka is the acid dissociation
> > constant but how does it apply to Mg2+ I don't understant this. Please
> > explain if I am in the right track or does it represent something
> > totally different? Thanx a mil.

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