Tom Matthews tom at morelife.org
Fri Feb 8 01:46:47 EST 2002

J Guth wrote:

 > Tarik
 > I would love to participate in this group.  But you really need to 
clean up
 > the trash posted here since I find it distracting and offensive.  Can 
you do
 > that?
 > J.H. Guth

The problem is that bma is now a fully unmoderated newsgroup and there 
is no way for anyone to block any messages from being posted to it. It 
will need to be transformed into a moderated newsgroup where all 
messages will automatically be first directed to the moderator (Tarik) 
before he passes on those that are not "junk" for appearance here.

In the past for standard newsgroups, getting such a change implemented 
has not been an easy and certainly not a quick job. It is done as a kind 
of democratic procedure after a period of notification has been given, 
which procedure can easily be defeated. Sometimes it is even easier to 
abandon the old ng and begin a new one with a slightly different name 
which is moderated right from the get go. Since this newsgroup with its 
"bionet" beginnings is a little different, perhaps the process will be a 
little quicker and easier to achieve. I don't know.

However, I hope that it will somehow get done quickly, because I would 
dearly love to have the benefit of the participation of yourself and 
many other researchers. Unfortunately, I personally am too busy to give 
any of my time right now to find out exactly what must be done to 
accomplish this.
(and, yes, I appreciate that this is a cop-out, since if everyone is too 
busy then it *will not* get done).

--Tom Matthews

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