Fw: Quest for General Theory of Aging -- Invitation for Discussion

Kashulin peter_K at aprec.ru
Mon Feb 18 07:58:02 EST 2002

Dear Leonid,
It is sounds fine,
I would like to discuss, for instance your "Season of Birth and Human
Your explanation for the phenomenon seems me quite questionable.
I have observed a lot of such effects in other fields.
Yours sincerely, your former MSU seminar participant,
Peter Kashulin

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Subject: Quest for General Theory of Aging -- Invitation for Discussion

> Dear Colleagues,
> I wonder why don't we try to apply a great intellectual potential of this
> discussion group and its encyclopedic expertise for developing a General
> Theory of Aging through brain-storming discussions? What do you think?
> If you agree, then what would be a starting point for such a discussion?
> Any suggestions?
> Perhaps we could start with discussing some recent published theories,
> particularly those, which are available for free to anybody who wish to
> discuss them.
> If you are interested, then perhaps these two links may be used as a
> possible starting point for discussion:
> http://www.src.uchicago.edu/~gavr1/JTB-01.pdf
> http://www.src.uchicago.edu/~gavr1/Reliability-Media.html
> Any other suggestions and ideas would be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you!
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