High-quality scientific anti-aging articles

Leonid Gavrilov lagavril at midway.uchicago.edu
Sat Feb 22 07:12:19 EST 2003

tcarter2 at elp.rr.com (Thomas Carter) wrote in message news:<a7b55247.0212291726.1fe71955 at posting.google.com>... 
 > Hi Erin and Leonid, 
> The papers on Leonid's link are quite good and informative as are 
> others on what is a very good web page. The anti-aging papers have, 
> however, not been updated for about a year.  ... <snip>

Yes, this was correct. Thank you for the reminder.

Today I have updated the list of high-quality scientific anti-aging
articles and made this list  publicly available at:


Hope it helps,

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-- Leonid Gavrilov 
Author of the book "The Biology of Life Span" 

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