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> > Can anyone here suggest any good books on slowing down the aging process?
> *** Good question!
>  If you are looking for a book with sound practical recommendations
> based on strong scientific evidence, then there is no such book yet,
> to my knowledge.
> This is because of the lack of serious systematic research work on
> slowing down the human aging.
> In contrast to human studies, the scientific literature on slowing
> down the aging process in lab animals is abundant, see for example:
> Hope it helps,
> Best wishes for the New Year !
> Leonid Gavrilov
> Author of the book "The Biology of Life Span"

Hi Erin and Leonid,
     The papers on Leonid's link are quite good and informative as are
others on what is a very good web page. The anti-aging papers have,
however, not been updated for about a year. If you want to see the
latest ones go the PubMed site at  and run the search
string, Anti-aging[ti]OR Antiaging[ti] there are about 60 hits and
they come in chronological order so you can read the latest ones not
on the U of Chicago site. Several are devoted to answering the very
question you asked. If you want to see more hits eliminate the "[ti]"
's in my search string and get around 200 returns. Several of the
papers are recent, peer-reviewed overviews and will be a better source
of unbiased info than any book I could think of. If you happen to buy
the full text of any in electronic form pls send me a copy.
      I suggest to Leonid that he put the search string on his web
site so interested readers can easily keep up to date.

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