could lowering IGF-1 postpone "aging"?

Tim timothytn at
Mon Jun 16 03:54:16 EST 2003

Hi Tom and Doug,
   A number of studies indicated that protein restriction extended
lifespan, reduced cancer and altered other parameters of aging, but
not as much as CR. Protein restriction may work by lowering IGF-1
levels and subsequently increase antioxidant defense. My first article
below indicates protein restriction may synergize with caloric
restriction, interesting in light of Bartke et al's extension of Ames
dwarf mouse longevity with CR. I personally have stuck with a
Pritikin-like diet which is low in protein and fat and emphasizes
complex carbs from fruits, vegetables and whole grains and the effect
generally is a lower total intake of calories as well. Protein
restriction is probably safe if reduced to 10-11% of diet though this
would probably be of an ad lib diet before one would be in danger of

The effect of low protein-high dextrin diet and subsequent food
restriction upon life prolongation in Fischer 344 male rats.

And a study by Ames et al already posted and discussed however.

Protein oxidation associated with aging is reduced by dietary
restriction of protein or calories.


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