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> Greetings,
> May I ask for your advice on the following issue.
> Suppose you have a chance to be heard by high level policy-makers, and
> your recommendations on aging problem could be included in their
> documents for possible important policy decisions.
> (1) What would you say to them, so that to promote
> aging/life-extension research ?
> (2) How would you shape your phrases, so that they be accepted by
> conservative and skeptical policy-makers?

When you are speaking to a group of people whose basic philosophy is
diametrically opposed to individual free choice, there is little that
you can say that will help. The best you can do is to exhort them all
to immediately eliminate all government laws restricting and
distorting reality, to resign their positions (which are paid from
stolen money anyway), and to convince all their brother policy-makers
to do the same. In other words, to get out of the way of progress in
life-extension and not derail it as they did with space exploration.
The only "policy" that should ever be made is that of free individuals
through their unrestricted (undistorted by government) purchasing
choices of goods and services. These are the people that you need to
speak to, not some free-loading, non-productive (of any goods or
services that anyone would voluntarily purchase) bureaucrats.

--Paul Wakfer (was: Tom Matthews)

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