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> Greetings,
> May I ask for your advice on the following issue.
> Suppose you have a chance to be heard by high level policy-makers, and
> your recommendations on aging problem could be included in their
> documents for possible important policy decisions.
> (1) What would you say to them, so that to promote
> aging/life-extension research ?
Aging and age-related disease and morbidity are interlinked. As the
population ages, health care costs increase. Antiaging medicine, by
mainting healthy vitality in the aging population, will reduce
age/disease related morbidity and decreased productivity.

> (2) How would you shape your phrases, so that they be accepted by
> conservative and skeptical policy-makers?

I would link anti-aging goals to health and vitality extending
> (3) How to say this in a very short way (few sentences), so that these
> suggestions could be included into one-page memorandum ?

Except for more exposition, I've not much more to add.
> Here is why I am asking for your advice:
> Next week I will be in Texas at the World Health Forum on Aging:
> Somehow I happened to be in a group of delegates who have to suggest,
> discuss and approve policy recommendations on aging problem:
> I would like to embed the ideas we discuss at this discussion group
> into the minds of delegates and hopefully into the final policy
> recommendations.
> If you can suggest some phrases and paragraphs for possible insertion
> into these policy recommendations, this would be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you in advance!
> Additional info about the World Health Forum on Aging:
> The Focus of the World Health Forum on Aging:
> The rapid growth of an ageing population is having major impacts on
> nations worldwide. This and other advancements in medical science,
> innovative technological breakthroughs, and vast improvements in
> communications and international relationships, is creating
> significant challenges globally.
> The Objectives of the World Health Forum on Aging:
> During the Forum the participants will: 
> Define the impact of an ageing population as it relates to: 
> 7Medicine/Science 
> 7Business/Economics 
> 7Governments/Public Policy 
> Articulate global policy views. 
> Develop and generate international relationships and global network
> Kind regards,
> -- Leonid Gavrilov 
> Author of the book "The Biology of Life Span" 

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