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> > Greetings,
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> > May I ask for your advice on the following issue.
> > 
> > Suppose you have a chance to be heard by high level policy-makers, and
> > your recommendations on aging problem could be included in their
> > documents for possible important policy decisions.
> > 
> > (1) What would you say to them, so that to promote
> > aging/life-extension research ?
> > 
> > (2) How would you shape your phrases, so that they be accepted by
> > conservative and skeptical policy-makers?
> When you are speaking to a group of people whose basic philosophy is
> diametrically opposed to individual free choice, there is little that
> you can say that will help. The best you can do is to exhort them all
> to immediately eliminate all government laws restricting and
> distorting reality, to resign their positions (which are paid from
> stolen money anyway), and to convince all their brother policy-makers
> to do the same. In other words, to get out of the way of progress in
> life-extension and not derail it as they did with space exploration.
> The only "policy" that should ever be made is that of free individuals
> through their unrestricted (undistorted by government) purchasing
> choices of goods and services. These are the people that you need to
> speak to, not some free-loading, non-productive (of any goods or
> services that anyone would voluntarily purchase) bureaucrats.
> --Paul Wakfer (was: Tom Matthews)
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Very well spoken!

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